Animatediff AI Tool: easy text-to-video

Animatediff WebUI install

Animatediff has been seamlessly incorporated into the webUI, rendering it incredibly user-friendly.

github: sd-webui-animatediff
animatediff github install

Install the animation model

Next, we need to install the dedicated animation model. The download link is: The latest is mm_sd_v15_v2.safetensors, which has a wider range of animation activity and the best effect. We can just download this one.

The model needs to be placed under this address: '……\sd-webui-aki-v4.2\extensions\sd-webui-animatediff\model'

animation model
model place

How to use

Once you've successfully installed the plugin, you'll need to upgrade your WebUI to version 1.6.0 and also update ControlNet to version 1.1.410. And yes, this plugin is fully compatible with ControlNet.

After that, you'll be able to see the plugin in action. Just select the animation model that we downloaded earlier, enable it, and you're good to go.

By default, the frame rate is at 8. For a 4-second animation, you would simply need to adjust the total frame count to 32.

Turning on the loop feature allows for an animation that endlessly repeats itself.

When it comes to selecting an output format, GIF or mp4 are typically our go-to choices. However, if you're looking for individual frame output, png might be the perfect fit.

Next, we choose the model. Prompt words, parameters, and so on can be set according to the normal idea of generating an image. The default size is 512x512, which should be chosen based on your computer's configuration.